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Pear helps you grow your traffic and reach online. We offer tailor-made package solutions for you and your company that include all our services and expertise.

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Search Engine Optimization

To help grow your organic traffic online, SEO is essential. Our strategies have helped our hundreds of clients reach their full potential with a more exposed presence on the search engine’s result page. Read more below on how our strategy can help you, too!

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Advanced Coding and development

If you seek to build a piece of software that requires highly sophisticated code, we're here to help. With over 15 years of experience within the advanced software development space, we've solved many issues that previously had not been solved.

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Social Networks

Revenue Share Partnerships

The majority of our projects are revenue share partnerships done with our respective partners from around the globe. Usually, the way this works is that we are a group of entities from different disciplines and areas of expertise - and set up a joint venture. By doing this, we can be sure to get the most out of our potential. We always judge relative to the potential.

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World Class Search Engine Optimization

To make sure that your SEO strategy is as good as possible, we are utilizing a process that ensures the best results for your website.

Our process is a step-by-step process consisting of three basic steps and a bit more angles within each of them as we go. We start by doing data-driven research with our analytics tool to help assess why and how the customer search for your niche. When we know how the niche works, we will be doing on-site SEO optimization and creating optimized content to help climb the SERP.

Then, we'll do the last and most continuous thing: Building high-tier links from very trusted sources. Doing this will help get more trust from the search engines that your website is a good source of information about your niche.

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Advanced coding

Complex and tailored coding solutions that suit your needs.

With close to ten years of building high-end software to solve problems that haven't been solved before under our belt, we're happy to offer the same service to our clients.

After an overall review of the project you want to carry out, we will make suggestions based on the best approach. In addition, we will be able to assist with project management on the project as a whole.

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Revenue share partnerships

Strategic partnerships

Today, we are running and co-owning a portfolio of an array of internet services worldwide with a lot of different niches.

If you have a project that you would love to see lifted off the ground, we're happy to do due diligence and consider going in with you. If everything checks out, and we believe we can provide additional value in our field, we'll suggest a partnership.

Our partnership structure is usually based on a revenue share agreement. This means that one entity owns the project, while other partners are given a share of the potential profit and loss of the project.

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